SHB/SafeChina course I-R03 POWER, Risk Analysis in Power Industries
July 18 - 22, 2011
Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection
No. 55 Taoranting Road,
Beijing, China


General data of the course

Overview This course will provide the knowledge of risk analysis applied specifically in power industry, starting with advantages and effectiveness of its application.

It presents the regulatory basis and requirements, and elaborate commonly used methods through number of examples.

In the end of the course students will be able to
  • understand procedure for risk-based inspection and maintenance as defined for European industry by CEN CWA 15740:2008
  • present damage mechanisms specific for power industry
  • quote inspection techniques as used in power industry and their effectiveness
  • understand principles and conditions for life and risk assessment 
  • understand importance of quality assurance program in mitigation or reduction of risks in power industry
Target profile of attendees Staff mostly dealing with maintenance work in power industries and power and steam generation utilities.
Course contents (divided in units) Unit 1: Inspection and Maintenance strategies and risk-based approach

Unit 2: Introduction and overview of damage mechanisms typical for power and steam generation
    Unit 3: In-depth explanation of modelled damage mechanisms, measurement, monitoring, necessary inputs
      Unit 4: Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and Monitoring techniques
        Unit 5: Probability od Detection (PoD) and Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) concept

        Case study: combining NDT results and damage mechanisms for risk appraisal;
        Case study: RIMAP Heilbronn example

        Unit 6: Risk assessment procedure for Power industry (RIMAP Workbook Power)
          Unit 7: Quality Assurance, Positive Material Identification and Risk

          Unit 8: Risk mitigation, benefits of approach compared to the alternatives, economical results
            Unit 9: Review of the course main issues and preparation for final exam

            Unit 10: Final exam
            Course duration 5 days
            Certification The course includes certification exam.
            Special remarks, warnings none

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