RBI-PETRO: Risk Based Inspection - Petro RBI-PETRO: 基于风险的检查 - 石化
The course elaborates risk issues in petrochemical industries and explains principles of Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), existing approaches and gives links to applied codes and standards. The focus is given to the standard of American Petroleum Institute API 580/581 and its application in petrochemical industry.
In the end of the course students will know the answers to the following questions:
  • Why RBI analysis is used and what are benefits and limitations of various RBI technologies?
  • What are differences between qualitative and quantitative approaches to RBI methods?
  • What is the scope of equipment covered in RBI techniques?
  • How RBI provides input to minimum requirements for programs that meet API RP 580?
  • What are future industry trends in RBI?
本课程介绍了基于风险的检验规则和已有的方法,提供了应用规范和标准。课程重点是API 580/581。分析层次以及分析结果会通过例子进行阐述和说明。