First training course done

SafeChina training started on March 14, 2011 with the course #1
INTRO - Introduction to risk and safety management in industry

The course was hosted by Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection.

This course represents a general introduction to the topics of risks related to the general use of the chemicals by a modern society and related industrial sectors (chemical/process, oil & gas, power generation, heating, etc.).
31 participants have attended the course and showed the great interests for the main topics of the course (hazards, related risks, major accidents prevention, legislation in EU countries and obligations, related process safety risk assessment methodology...)


30 participants have passed the final exam on the last day of the course. In this way, these course participants have gained the title Risk Professionals.
The course was evaluated by the participants as successful in all elements - organization, training materials, lecturing, general impression. Some useful suggestions have been received as well which will be considered in preparation for the new round of training wchich will start in Jyly 2011.